Coate Water Country Park

Coate Water is a country park located 5 Km to the Southeast of the central area of Swindon. It is also situated near M4's 15th Junction. Coate Water Country Park's name stems from the fact that its main feature is an originally built reservoir to provide water for the Wilts and Berks Canal.

The park features a ranger center and information point, a car park, and a café. It also features a splash park and play area for kids and the whole family. Additionally, it comes with a nature reserve, golfing centre, and an events program. The nature reserve is a haven for wildlife. It mostly features deer and foxes that are popular in the wildflower meadows. Additionally, the park features a Birds Hides area, education services, and an Easirider. It is also worth noting that the park offers wheelchair access, making it a fantastic tourist site for all kinds of people.

The water park area features a Mesolithic, Neolithic, bronze, iron age, Romano-British, and medieval history that spans more than 7000 years. It could be more. The oldest monuments at the park are the undated stone circles and bronze age burial mounds located along Day House Lane. The part features a miniature railway that you can find on the official website. The park's management allows dogs inside but has restrictions that apply to the nature reserve.

The park is an incredible location for walks. The most popular route for walks is around the lake. The lake is a valuable habitat with nesting sites for waterfowls, reed bunting, and warblers, especially in Spring and Summer. All these elements make it one of the most trendy tourist attractions and landmarks in Swindon.

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