We are experts in
removals and relocating

Whether you’re relocating from a small flat in the centre of your town or village to the next street or to a whole new part of the country; you can rely on Ace Removals to get you on your way as efficiently as possible.


Ace Removals is a removal company based in Cirencester. We specialise in helping our customers move all kinds of items. In addition to having a fully trained professional team, we are well-equipped to handle all kinds of removals.

We work hard to remove stress from what we know and understand is a stressful situation, as you don’t move home on a daily basis.

​​​We also offer a packing service

Our experienced team will carefully and professionally pack your precious items for transport. We can supply boxes free of charge for the move on the understanding that these are returned after you have finished with them, we are happy to collect. Ace Removals offer a complete packaging service and we can supply everything you might need – from boxes to bubble wrap, all your packaging supplies can be purchased from Ace Removals at competitive rates.

House Removals Cirencester Tips

  1. Make advance preparations
    When dealing with a house removals company in Cirencester, you need to start organising your belongings as early as you can. Begin by preparing a list of everything that you will need to handle. While at it, confirm that you have enough packing materials. This will require you to take into account the furniture and anything else that will need to be moved.
  2. Get some moving boxes
    You may have already decided on where you would like to move to after leaving your current home. However, for the house removals Cirencester process to be successful, you will need to get all your packing materials in advance. Top on the list of packing materials that are required will be moving boxes. Go to your local store and get yourself some big-sized moving boxes.
  3. Get in touch with our house removals team in Cirencester
    It will be important to make sure that you select a good removals company. You should not always rush to work with the first company that crosses your path. A good removals company will be one that you can easily communicate to and one that will not disappoint you on the material day. Make sure to agree on the moving date well in advance. If you have any questions, feel free to ask the removal team for clarification. Contact the removals team a few days before the moving date to confirm the arrangement made earlier.
  4. Make a decision on what to carry and what to leave behind
    When it comes to moving houses, there is always a possibility that you are not interested in taking everything with you to the new home. Prepare a list of the items that you will not be carrying. You will also need to prepare an inventory of all the items that have already been packed. The inventory will come in handy when you are unpacking. It will help you confirm whether everything has been shipped from your former home. Consider donating or selling the items you do not intend to carry. You can also give them out to your friends, family members, or neighbours.
  5. Notify utility companies in advance
    A move often means that you will need to change your home address. Therefore, be sure to notify your water, gas, and electric company of your change of address. This helps ensure that mail will not be delivered to your old address.
  6. Do not pack jewellery, money, and personal documents
    It is best to carry your documents with you during a removal. There is a likelihood that you will need to access these items when unpacking. Make sure to keep them in an easily accessible place, such as your backpack or handbag.
  7. Be present on the moving day
    You have to make arrangements to be at your home on the material day. It is the only way to guarantee that things will proceed as planned. As the items are being loaded to the moving van, go through the house one more time to confirm that nothing has been left behind by mistake. Also, verify that the gas and electricity has been switched off.
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